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Video Games:
 Backfirewall, Naraven Games, Podcast/Radio – PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch
  House of the Dead Remake, Forever Entertainment, Female Scientist – PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC
  The Origin, Blindmaid, Badland Publishing, Ursula, Main Villain – PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

  Memento Mori, Bank of Innovation, Florence, Main Character – iOS, Android
  Fleet Battle - Sea Battle, Smuttlewerk Interactive, female voice - iOS, Android
  Midnight Wave, Andrew Walthall, civilian - PC
  Code 7, Goodwolf Studios - Zoya - Main Character - PC

  From Earth, Halflife Mod - Kra - Main Character - PC

  Fashion Fantasy, Mobile Game, Main Character, Maria – iOS, Android

  TesRenwal Project, Skywind, Wood Elf and Imperial Guard – PC
  Who Let the Dogs Out, Windmill Games, Squirrel and Chicken - PC

  Soul Control, Path of Redemption, Lucky Number 13, Windmill Games, Multiple Characters - PC

  Sneaky Funk, Meltdown, Final Voyage, Windmill Games, Multiple Characters -PC

  The Drown, Windmill Games, Sergeant “Sapper” Falk & Reactor - PC

  Shi no ganbo, Windmill Games, Wife – PC
  Beyond The Veil, Windmill Games, Death, Wife - PC




Live Action Dubbing: 
Glitter, Netflix, English voice: Bogusia, Additional voices,

  Hotel Las Majadas, VO 
 Ortovox, VO
   - One Voice Awards Nominated

   SubText, VO

  Lasker Jewelers, VO

  Ecole Wellness Club, VO 

  Zootzies - Children's Content
  Arcade Cloud: Lara Croft, Glados
  Arcade Cloud: Ms. Skips-a-lot
  Junga The Dancing Yeti: Junga
  Junga Meets Heidi: Junga
  Junga the Dancing Yeti in Yeti, Set Go:     

  Ace of Shades,
- Book Trailer
  Carmen SanDiego, Game Trailer
  UC Davis Health System
  North Central University

  Santiago Canyon College
  Coastline College
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