/featured clients

  Code 7- Zoya 
  From Earth, Kra
  Fashion Fantasy, Maria
  Skywind, Imperial, Wood Elf
  Tavern of Tales- Board Game Cafe

  Soul Control, Multiple Characters

  The Drown, Sergeant “Sapper” Falk & Reactor

  Shi no ganbo, Wife

  Path of Redemption, Multiple Characters

  Lucky Number 13, Multiple Characters

  Sneaky Funk, Multiple Characters

  Meltdown, Multiple Characters

  Final Voyage, Multiple Characters

  UC Davis Health System



  Lasker Jewelers, VO

  Ecole Wellness Club, VO

  Ortovox, VO

   SubText, VO

  Ace of Shades - Book Trailer
  Arcade Cloud, Luigi's Mansion Dating,
    Lara Croft, Glados
  Arcade Cloud, Animal Crossing,
    Ms. Skips-a-lot
Goliath Games, Carmen SanDiego, VO
DVD adaptation of a book:
  Junga the Dancing Yeti, Junga